Transcription Services

Sunbeam is committed to providing the very best in transcript accuracy whilst maintaining highly competitive rates. We have many years' experience in the typing of a variety of high profile events, including Business, financial, legal, medical etc., Often our clients require the transcripts of their company events to be available to the public within a very short timeframe, and we are able to offer turnaround times of as little as two hours from the time we receive the audio. Of course, all transcripts are formatted to your requirements, eliminating any unnecessary time-wasting on your behalf.

We work with typists who are specialized in script writing, as well as subtitling professionals, to transcribe your scripts. Our typists are also experienced in radio and media interviews, public speeches, conference calls and press conferences. We provide expert transcription and a fast turnaround for all audio-visual forms of media, from television and radio to podcasts, recorded interviews and speeches. We regularly work with many clients who require very specific formatting.

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