Quality Assurance

Language conversion is our Passion & Profession

We take QA responsibility very seriously. With each new project that we take on, we put both our reputation and our client's on the line. With this foremost in our minds, we work with passion & profession to provide each client with our highest quality services.

The bottom line of a QA process is being able to deliver good translations. In order to do this, Sunbeam Languages developed a process, which is based on continuous feedback and issue tracking.

A translator and a proof reader (Valuator) work on each project. The valuator checks for correctness, appropriate writing style and consistency. When the problems are found, they are tracked and documented in our Project Management System (PMS). Issues get severity levels, which help prioritize them and also allows Sunbeam to produce translator rating.

This system assures that each stage of the translation process that is translating, proofreading, the controlling and the editing will be free of any mistake. Each person involved in the ongoing project gets to receive the resulting information. It greatly helps in the process of improvement. It is one of our key policies at Sunbeam Languages. Our QA process is composed of the following stages:

  • Receipt and analysis of document
  • Analysis of document & Preparing Check-list
  • Terminology Management against existing TM
  • Preparing price quote & Client's Approval
  • Prepare document for translation
  • Translation Process
  • Translation Validation by 2nd translator
  • Editing of translation
  • Desktop Publishing/Page Layout (if necessary
  • Proofreading
  • Translation Approval from 1st translator
  • Making sure all the necessary instructions given by Client's
  • Project-Manager Approval
  • Delivery to customer

Our strength lies in the fact that we have excellent project managers who have worked with translation and localization for several years and know how to best deliver a project. Emphasis is placed on time management and consistent communication with clients, translators and all relevant parties. They monitor each stage of a project to ensure that its production process is a seamless one and that it follows a process of above mentioned quality assurance.



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  • Highly competitive prices
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Extensive variety of languages
  • Extensive variety of subjects
  • Confidentiality

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