Certified Translators

Language conversion is our Passion & Profession

Professional & fulltime translators and proofreaders are the back bone of Sunbeam Languages. Sunbeam works only with an experienced team of translators and proof readers with linguistic skills with technical writing expertise, and who are having professional degrees such as M.D. M.S., B.S. and Ph.D.s in all major areas. Moreover we preferred to have linguists who have got "PROOF OF CERTIFICATION" from online certification courses. We have Domestic & International translator network of more than 3,000 professional translators who are recruited, screened and managed by our Resource Management team.

Sunbeam has its own translator recruiting procedures in place to ensure to get best translators who are proficient, diligent in their subject field, so that client will ever have the very best translators working on their projects.

Sunbeam's Translators Approval Process (TAP) comprises of below steps:

1. Screening

  • Basic academic back ground- must be Degree/Master Degree/ Phil.,/PhD.,/M.D./M.S.,/B.S. etc.,
  • Experience/qualification in translation – Min. 5-6 years of experience as a professional translator/ Hold a professional translation qualification..
  • Professionalism- Must be a official members of professional translators' bodies or the equivalent institution in their local country.
  • Translation skills - Only translate into their native Language from another language in which they are fluent.
  • Domain Specialist – Must have previously worked in areas such as marketing, software and IT, engineering, research, teaching, law, telecoms, and healthcare etc.,
  • Locality – Must Spend most of their time living and working in their native country.

2. Evaluation

  • Short-listed candidates are then evaluated in more detail by other translation agency references and independent evaluations.

3. Identifying strengths

  • After screening and evaluation process, we will determine the real subject area, strengths of the translators by assigning a sample project. e.g. IT software, mechanical, pharmaceuticals etc.

4. Additional Skills

  • We also look for additional skills and experience when recruiting, such as industry specific text, terminology, knowledge.



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