About us

Language conversion is our Passion & Profession

Sunbeam Languages providing one-stop contact for Marketing Communication combining with High Quality Localization in all the languages and subject areas functioning in Bangalore, India. We approach each project afresh with passion and intelligence. We are ambitious, we challenge, we question and we play to win. We provide next-generation translation supply chain management that delivers market-ready, translated content—when and where you demand—at a higher output, a faster pace and an affordable price. Our goal is to help companies and organizations with all kinds of communication with their clients, customers and employees. We support organizations throughout the entire global content lifecycle, from translation and quality assurance to complete business process outsourcing and market validation.

Communicating in a language other than your own is not something you can just do it. It should be left to Language professionals who are expertise in the same domain. Sunbeam has an experienced team of professional translators who understand the essence of effective communication in domestic and international markets. With the rise in demand for translating languages in a growing number of markets as a language people ourselves, we understand our client's needs and we provide the Highest Quality Translations, on time, on budget, with Minimum price.

Experience Matters

Sunbeam has around 16 years experience In-house team of 25 members in providing client services across the globe. We take language conversion responsibility very seriously. With each new project that we take on, we put both our reputation and our client's on the line. With this foremost in our minds, we work with passion & profession to provide each client with our highest quality services. We know, to convert and convey your messages to your target audience effectively. Having successfully completed thousands of projects of various sizes and complexity in 70+ different languages, we are able to capitalize on the accumulated experience to produce consistently excellent project outcomes for our clients. Our seasoned team of language translators and proof-readers are top-notch experts in their field. Additionally, we have developed on-going relationships with the best language professionals throughout the world who collaborate with our own in-house staff of translators and proof readers.

Project Management System

One of the key benefits of placing order with Sunbeam Languages is that we provide full Project Management services. Once your order is placed, you will be assigned a named Project Manager who will remain your single point of contact until your assignment is successfully completed. Also each project involves with a loop of Branch Head, Project-coordinator.

Our Strong Project management team is skilled with Project planning, friendly coordination, teamwork and control techniques, quick decision making and providing end-to-end support for every project. We aim to provide superior language Solution to our clients in a courteous, ethical, and timely manner. We can deliver the premium skill levels at a reasonable cost. We take a personal interest in our clients and give them the service, value and attention we seek in our own relationships

Sunbeam has the experience across categories, our professional approach, open-mindedness towards feedback from the client and passion to work which is visible in every member of the team. Our Project Managers are fully empowered to do whatever is required to ensure your assignment delivered to your complete satisfaction.

Project Managers' responsibilities include;

  • Quick quotations: Regardless of the volume and type of material, Project-Managers are confident to provide competitive quick quotes.
  • Competitive prices: Project-Managers are committed to offer you the highest quality at the lowest rates on the market.
  • Extensive variety of languages: Project-Managers assist you to translate all languages, from the most common to most unusual ones.
  • Extensive variety of subjects: P roject-Managers are able to handle wide array of subject areas translation, including aerospace, business, financial, legal, marketing, medical, pharmaceutical, technical, website, etc
  • Confidentiality: Project-Managers are responsible to maintain confidentiality by signing Non-disclosure agreement with clients, translators and with in-house team by taking sign-off sheet at each stage of project process.
  • Quick Turnaround: Scheduling of various tasks to ensure on-time delivery.



  • High quality translations
  • Quick quotations
  • Highly competitive prices
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Extensive variety of languages
  • Extensive variety of subjects
  • Confidentiality

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